Sea level rise Mauritius: Relocation as a prospective solution

High waves due to sea level threatening to crash on small blue house in foreground surrounded by green trees thus requiring relocation of inhabitants

Mauritius island, famous for its beautiful beaches and rich marine life, is facing the threat of climate change-induced sea-level rise like so many islands. Several communities that live along the coastal zone today must endure the impacts of sea-level rise such as recurrent flooding, Read More

7 reasons Why the Global sea level is rising

Waves crashing on black rocks at the sea with words Why is the sea level rising

Sea level is rising in most parts of the world. We can see it in decreasing beach sizes or more frequent coastal flooding. Many countries like Bangladesh are losing their crop species as seawater contaminates the ground. In other nations like Tuvalu, sea-level rise Read More

Mountains of Mauritius

View from mountain top of Mauritius showing triangular top of rocky grey mountain and 2 further peaks underneath a blue sky.

Though Mauritius is characterized as mountainous, it is interesting to note that the area actually classified as ‘mountain’ occupies only 16% (300 km2) of the total surface area of the land. Here, mountains are low; the highest peak, Piton de la Petite Riviere Noire, Read More