Offshore islets of Mauritius: National Parks and Nature Reserves

Small offshore islet of mauritius with green trees and white beach in the blue sea

The offshore islets off the mainland of Mauritius are today the only places where the original native flora and fauna subsist. As it is, the biodiversity of Mauritius evolved over millions of years giving rise to its specific endemism and diversity. Yet, since humans Read More

The Coastal and Marine Biodiversity of Mauritius

Green sea turtle swimming in blue water, the coastal and marine biodiversity of mauritius written on picture

Mauritius island is just a small volcanic dot in the Indian ocean, yet its legal coastal waters are more than 1000 times its terrestrial size. Basically, the island has a land area of 2,040 km2 and an Exclusive Economic Zone of 2.3 million km2 Read More

Biodiversity (Flora and Fauna) of Mauritius

Red cardinal bird of Mauritius on green branch of hibiscus plant with purple flowers, words flora and fauna of Mauritius written in box

Famous as the land of the Dodo, the biodiversity of Mauritius is quite rich and provides key raw materials and essential ecosystem services. For definition’s sake, biodiversity refers to the variability that exists amongst all living sources and the complex interactions in their different Read More

Why is the sea level rising?

Waves crashing on black rocks at the sea with words Why is the sea level rising

Since the last report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on sea level rise in 2013, global Sea Level Rise (SLR) has been attracting much attention. This can be can be attributed to two main reasons [1]: one, the sea level has Read More

5 reasons why ecotourism is better than traditional tourism

5 reasons why ecotourism is better than traditional tourism

There comes a point in our life when they feel an urge to escape from the prison of monotony that life becomes over time and just enjoy a peaceful moment on our own or with our loved ones. We pack our luggage and get Read More

Why islands must protect their mangrove forests

Mangrove Mauritius Island, Trou aux Biches, lone mangrove plant growing in the shallow seawater with rocks at the back

Some years ago, mass clearance of mangrove forests on estuaries and marshes was common on small islands because they were thought to be insect breeding sites and were being used as dumps. Over time, as more knowledge was gained on this fragile yet vital Read More

Extreme Weather: Flash floods become frequent in Mauritius

Brown flood waves in river full of broken branches and plastic bottles with grassy ground in the right hand corner

2013. 7 people killed in a flash flood in the capital of Port Louis. Shocked and distressed citizens still remember the tragedy that flood water caused in less than 2 hours. Since then the nation of Mauritius becomes alert during heavy rainfall.   Damages Read More

How to handle the waste problem on small islands

White and brown plastic waste on beach facing the sea

Desolate planet. Piles of rubbish. This is how pictures of the end of our beautiful planet have been painted. As we produce more waste, we have to handle their disposal as well. Worldwide, waste management is an issue that gives stakeholders migraines, but the Read More

Mauritius and its Marine Life

6 grey and yellow tails and fins fishes under the sea close to the sand swimming close to a rock with growing polyps, with words what's found in the sea of Mauritius written on image, representing the marine life of mauritius

The beautiful marine life that the locals enjoy at perpetuity and tourists crave for, is due to an intricate and well-defined system of coral reef that surrounds the island. The lagoon is calm and homogenous most of the time thanks to the surrounding fringing Read More

Bokashi compost – Decreasing stress on our landfill

Man's two hands holding soil; Turning organic matter from homes into compost for gardens using Bokashi composting

In awe and sometimes, fear, when we were kids, we loved to part windows’ curtains and watch furtively as waste trunks swallowed the stuff of local bins. Garden leaves, torn clothes, plastic bags, old batteries, broken china, you name it, everything that is useless Read More