Effects of flooding: Positive, Negative, Examples

shot of people's legs wearing different coloured shoe cover yellow and orange in foreground walking in brown flood water with words positive and negative effects of flooding written in yellow lined box on picture; flooding

Effects of flooding can be both positive and negative. For millennia, people have settled near rivers and lakes because water is easily accessible and the soil is fertile. Back in the days though, people constructed on higher grounds allowing riverine floods to enrich the Read More

Flooding Explained: Types, Causes and Examples

flooded road with grey water and red and white sign post depicting flood prone region with words flooding explained: types, causes and examples written in blue box

Flooding is the most common natural hazard that occurs in the world. Researchers estimate that sediments and soils from floods cover some 72% of the surface of the Earth. Perhaps the Yellow River in China has caused the worst floods in history. According to Read More

Environmental studies: Degree, Topics, Importance, Jobs

Black and white picture of man washing stones in square bucket of water with words environmental studies: degree, topics, importance, jobs written in black box on picture

Environmental studies is a subject that analyzes the natural environment, the built environment and the interaction between them. It is thus connected to various fields like physical sciences, social sciences and economics. Basically, environmental studies enlighten us on what is going on in the Read More

Mauritius: Geography, History, Travel and Top Attractions

Mauritius Island: turquoise blue waters with two small red boats, white beach with Mauritius written in black box and green palm forest at the back: Geography, history, travel and weather; sustainable tourism

Mauritius island is the star and key of the Indian Ocean. And for good reason. The strategic position of this small volcanic island in the Indian Ocean is both a boon and a bane. Untouched, Mauritius island was a refuge for incredible creatures like Read More

Effects of tsunamis: Positive, Negative, Examples

Positive and effects of tsunamis written in white box on background of high tsunami waves looming on small brown cities

Effects of tsunamis can be both positive and negative. The word tsunami typically rhymes with fear. And for good reason. Giant tsunami waves can elevate from the ocean without warning and wash away everything along their paths. Yet, as catastrophic as tsunamis can be, Read More

Tsunamis Explained: Types, Causes and Examples

Tsunamis explained: types, causes and examples' written in white bordered box centered on picture of high waves in the background

Tsunamis are natural events that are highly underrated. Generally, they occur due to various reasons like earthquakes. These hazards can be quite devastating as they can have repercussions far from the coastline. In fact, it was the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami event that raised Read More

Mauritius Oil Spill: Japanese MV Wakashio wrecks on reef

MV Wakashio oil spill in Mauritius; two people in white overall standing in the sea with black and red ship tilted in the back on coral reef

The 2020 Mauritius oil spill is a nightmare that the citizens will remember for years to come. Mauritius star and key of the Indian Ocean and shipping routes The Indian Ocean is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. Broadly speaking, about Read More

COVID-19 in Mauritius – A success Story?

Green mountains in background bluish green sea with words mauritius covid safe written in yellow box; covid19 pandemic

COVID-19 induced various responses from governments all around the world. Different countries must address the pandemic with respect to their local socio-economic and cultural situations. Common activities such as going to work and school changed within a few weeks. The world economy took a Read More

Effects of landslides: Positive, Negative, Examples

Rocky grey slope with black board and yellow lettering landslide area on it; white box with words positive and negative effects of landslides on it

Effects of landslides can be both positive and negative. Landslides have affected humans since they have inhabited mountainous regions. Sometimes landslides create opportunities for us. At other times, they are quite devastating. Why do people live close to landslide-prone areas? Generally, humans settle in Read More

Monkey Trade in Mauritius: Controversies and Benefits

baby monkey with black hair and big brown eyes holding onto branch with bright green leaves, monkey trade in mauritius

Monkey trade on Mauritius island exists since 1985. Some 10,000 long-tailed macaques are exported to the United States and Europe every year for biomedical research. Many animal activists around the world protest against this legal trade in monkeys. Some deplore the conditions of living Read More