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Sustainable Tourism, Green Tourism, Ecotourism Explained

Sustainable tourism is now a new way of practicing tourism. As it is, tourism plays an important role in the economy of most countries. In the past, mass tourism led to several detrimental impacts on the environment, physically and socio-culturally. But, since the environmental Read More

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Tourism Explained: Definition, History, Types

Tourism is one of the biggest global industries, with a market size of $2 trillion. It primarily depends on the environment of a particular region: physical, cultural and socio-economic. Eventually, it grows from the natural features of that location and the hospitality of the Read More

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Green insurance: Meaning, Products, Benefits

Green insurance is a type of insurance that helps to protect the environment and combat climate change. Also known as eco-friendly insurance, it is basically an economic incentive to encourage behavioural change. As more and more people understand their impacts on the environment, they Read More

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Negative impacts of tourism on the environment

Over the past four decades, there has been much research on the negative environmental effects of tourism. The UNWTO reports that tourism grew 5% in 2018 to reach 1.4 billion total international tourist arrivals with tourism exports amounting to USD 1.7 trillion [1]. Tourism Read More

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Positive impacts of tourism on the environment

The tourism industry indeed has several positive impacts on the environment. While most people think of tourism as travel for leisure and holidays, the United Nations World Tourism Organization [1] further assert that ‘tourism is a social, cultural, economic phenomenon which entails the movement Read More

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Sustainable tourism in Mauritius: Measures in place

Mauritius is a small island located in the subtropics. It has a mild, tropical, maritime climate and attracts tourists from various parts of the world throughout the year. In fact, the tourism sector is a fundamental economic pillar of the island, with gross earnings Read More

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What is global warming?

The IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C (2018) defines warming as ‘an increase in multi-decade global mean surface temperature above pre industrial levels’ and more specifically as ‘an increase in combined surface air and sea surface temperatures averaged over the globe, over Read More

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The negative impacts of humans on the environment

Ever since humans have walked on the Earth, they have changed the environment in one way or another, certainly not to harm or destroy it but rather to be more comfortable. Humans have reshaped the environment through agriculture, travel and urbanization and more recently, Read More

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Poaching – the cruelty driven business

During these recent years, there has been a mobilization around the world to help fight a problem that is getting as dangerous as drug trafficking. Wildlife poaching is causing a baffling decline in the number of animal species in the wild. Iconic creatures like Read More

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Maritime laws of Mauritius

The maritime law or the admiralty law relates to all the legal practices concerning maritime activities. It is a set of rules and regulations that span from the legitimate licensing of ships to private marine exploration for a particular nation. On the other hand, Read More