Global warming Explained: Natural and Anthropogenic

Forest fire due to global warming, orange flames behind black trees with words global warming explained written

Global warming is now a term that we often hear. But what exactly is it? Global warming definition The IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C (2018) defines global warming as ‘an increase in multi-decade global mean surface temperature above pre-industrial levels’ and Read More

7 reasons Why the Global sea level is rising

Waves crashing on black rocks at the sea with words Why is the sea level rising

Sea level is rising in most parts of the world. We can see it in decreasing beach sizes or more frequent coastal flooding. Many countries like Bangladesh are losing their crop species as seawater contaminates the ground. In other nations like Tuvalu, sea-level rise Read More

Negative impacts of humans on the environment

White polar bear with open mouth standing on lower ice cube of three ice cube layers in the sea showing negative impacts of humans on the environment

Without a doubt, humans have some harmful impacts on the environment. Since we walked the Earth, we have changed our natural environment in one way or another. Certainly, it was not to harm it. Rather, we wanted to be more comfortable in it. We Read More