Unbelievable but true – Underwater waterfall in Mauritius!

Bluish sails boat going off sea cliff on right and water falling on two sides into a crack on left at the end of Mauritius forming an underwater waterfall; text 'wouldn't it be amazing if this venture of yours took you to the world beyond this one? Pirates of the Caribbean - at world's end' written on picture.

Ever heard of an underwater waterfall? The 7 cascades, Rochester falls, are common waterfalls that we are used to since they are on land and are easily accessible. Sounds pretty strange too, water falling under water! Yet, this amazing phenomenon does occur in Mauritius. Read More

Formation of a volcanic island: Mauritius

Small grey and rugged volcano in the ocean spewing out grey clouds of volcanic materials.

The island of Mauritius was formed approximately 10 million years ago by volcanic eruption. In fact, the island itself is a volcano. The highest point, 550 m – 600 m above sea level, is the central plateau; from there on, the land gently slopes Read More