Coastal and Marine Biodiversity of Mauritius

Green sea turtle swimming in blue water, the coastal and marine biodiversity of mauritius written on picture

Mauritius island is just a small volcanic dot in the Indian ocean, yet its legal coastal waters are more than 1000 times its terrestrial size. Basically, the island has a land area of 2,040 km2 and an Exclusive Economic Zone of 2.3 million km2 Read More

Mauritius and its Marine Life

6 grey and yellow tails and fins fishes under the sea close to the sand swimming close to a rock with growing polyps, with words what's found in the sea of Mauritius written on image, representing the marine life of mauritius

The beautiful marine life that the locals enjoy at perpetuity and tourists crave for, is due to an intricate and well-defined system of coral reef that surrounds the island. The lagoon is calm and homogenous most of the time thanks to the surrounding fringing Read More