Forest fire due to global warming, orange flames behind black trees with words global warming explained written

What is global warming?

The IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C (2018) defines warming as ‘an increase in multi-decade global mean surface temperature above pre industrial levels’ and more specifically as ‘an increase in combined surface air and sea surface temperatures averaged over the globe, over Read More

Man's two hands holding soil; Turning organic matter from homes into compost for gardens using Bokashi composting

Bokashi compost – Decreasing stress on our landfill

In awe and sometimes, fear, when we were kids, we loved to part windows’ curtains and watch furtively as waste trunks swallowed the stuff of local bins. Garden leaves, torn clothes, plastic bags, old batteries, broken china, you name it, everything that is useless Read More

Clear river water strewn with polished medium sized rocks and green trees on the bank in the distance

The rivers of Mauritius

Rivers are water bodies within a confined channel that usually flow from the uplands towards a lake or the sea. They are very important in shaping the landscape and allowing the surrounding life to survive. Rivers can flow all year round or only flow Read More

View from mountain top of Mauritius showing triangular top of rocky grey mountain and 2 further peaks underneath a blue sky.

Mountains of Mauritius

Though Mauritius is volcanic in nature, with heaps of ups and downs, it is interesting to note that the area actually classified as ‘mountain’ occupies only 16% (300 km2) of the total surface area of the land. Here, mountains are low; the highest peak, Read More

Small grey and rugged volcano in the ocean spewing out grey clouds of volcanic materials.

Formation of a volcanic island: Mauritius

The island of Mauritius was formed approximately 10 million years ago by volcanic eruption. In fact, the island itself is a volcano. The highest point, 550 m – 600 m above sea level, is the central plateau; from there on, the land gently slopes Read More

Climate representation of two typical wet and dry seasons: Tree divided into 1/3 picture from left green leaves, green pasture, blue sky and tuffs of pink and grey clouds, and 2/3 picture to the right with half tree dried up and black in front on an orange sky with yellow sun and 4 black silhouetted birds flying in the distance.

Climate of Mauritius: From hail to no snow

The first thing to note here is that there is a difference between the words climate and weather. While people use these two words interchangeably, they, in fact, mean different things. Weather refers to atmospheric conditions over short periods of time, from daily to Read More

2 grey boulders on top of each other.

Volcanic Islands’ Rocks – Mauritius

As one drives around the beautiful island of Mauritius, gentle slopes and deep valleys in brown and green can be observed. These features are carved on the volcanic rocks that created the island. Magma from deep inside the Earth’s crust has welled up and Read More

Old grey tap representing freshwater in the middle of green ferns

Freshwater sources of Mauritius

Mauritius has a freshwater system arising from the central plateau and moving towards the sides of the island. Obviously, this is due to the upper regions receiving more rainfall than the lower lying areas. The mean annual rainfall is 4200 mm on the highlands Read More

Thin forest trees in Mauritius amongst ferns, moss covered boulders and dry branches on the ground.

The forests of Mauritius

Gentle slopes with lush green forests interrupted every now and then by meandering streams; lazy animals crawling under the thick shady ebony trees or enjoying the sun on the spotless white sand. Once upon a time, Mauritius was the most beautiful of all the Read More