Jackfruit – Don’t judge by the smell!

Natural picture of a jackfruit tree showing three big green elongated jackfruit, Artocorpus heterophyllus, with wordings 'Jackfruit - strong odour but tumor detector' written in bold yellow in the center.

Commonly known as ‘zak, or ‘jacque’ in Mauritius, the jackfruit is normally coined with bad smelling odors. Natives make fun of people who give off strong smells by associating them with the ripe jackfruit smell. Though this is how we normally see the jackfruit, Read More

Unbelievable but true – Underwater waterfall in Mauritius!

Bluish sails boat going off sea cliff on right and water falling on two sides into a crack on left at the end of Mauritius forming an underwater waterfall; text 'wouldn't it be amazing if this venture of yours took you to the world beyond this one? Pirates of the Caribbean - at world's end' written on picture.

Ever heard of an underwater waterfall? The 7 cascades, Rochester falls, are common waterfalls that we are used to since they are on land and are easily accessible. Sounds pretty strange too, water falling under water! Yet, this amazing phenomenon does occur in Mauritius. Read More

Mauritius, the island on an underwater continent

3D image of bluish-green water showing piece of brown underwater continent on which lies a small island with its base arising from the continental mass and green trees and buildings atop the island; black birds fly in the distance.

In 2017, a team of scientists led by Ashwal published a paper in Nature Communications suggesting the presence of an ancient continent beneath Mauritius [1]. In fact, his discovery led to the conclusion that a part of the ancient continent, Gondwana (more accurately, a Read More

The Magical Moringa oleifera – Brede Mouroum

Cluster of branches displaying small green leaves of moringa

Know that big tree that grows almost everywhere in Mauritius? The one with the really small leaves and long green pods that look like expanded pea pods. The Moringa tree or the brede mouroum has been used to treat a wide array of diseases Read More